Friday, July 31, 2009

Words to Live By

5th Row Seats to the Mariners Game - Thanks to Jean

Just back behind first base. Amazing seats, to say the least. It was our fist Mariner's Game at Safeco Field.

Our friend Jean had a horrible headache and it was last Tuesday, when the temps hit the high 90's. For those of you who live where this is not unusual, that may sound like no biggie, but it is damn hot for us! She was just not up to going to the game and generously gave her awesome season ticket seats to April and I. We were so grateful.

Jean even provided us with perfect directions with where to park and how to get there easily. Luckily, we hit very little traffic and were there in a snap. Once we arrived, April's faced looked like a kid on Christmas morning every time I looked upon her. She had a smile from ear to ear. She was just thrilled to be there. We hit the official team store (note the new white hat), the Nintendo stand*, met the Moose, and walked all around the complex checking it out. Pretty amazing place.

Once we took our seats, April brought out her Nintendo. We knew you could watch the strike zone box on it, but what we didn't know was that the entire game was in closed captioning on it as well. This was an awesome surprise for her. The other very cool thing was we could order food and beverages right to our seats over the DS. Talk about making you feel privileged! About the 6th inning we ordered dinner and within 10 minutes a polite young man arrived with our food and condiments. Technology rocks!

We watched the team warm up right in front of us. Literally, April has some funny pics of them stretching and such. A nice older woman took our picture in front of the Safeco Field sign, she seemed to be the official photographer of the section.

It was a good game with a totally different feel than watching it on our tv at home. Big screen tv and all, there truly is nothing like being there. I'm glad that we have been following the Mariners, even if it does not look like they are going to make it to the playoffs. It's always good to root for the underdog.
The game was against the Toronto Blue Jays. It was a good game, with Ichiro bringing in the winning run in the 9th. A total clutch hitter that man - you had to see it to believe it. Mariner's 4 and Jay's 3.
At about 9:41pm, I noticed that I no longer felt like I was drowning in my own sweat and it had begun to cool off. It was so pleasant to sit outside at the stadium.

We headed home just after 10 p.m. Thanks again, Jean, for a perfect Seattle evening.
*If you stop off at the Nintendo Stand that is sponsored by the Mariners they will down load a program that allows you all those amazing extras on your DS.

Our Deck Garden

April has a green thumb. It's wonderful. We have fresh lettuce galore. Our tomatoes are just now starting to ripen, and the cucumbers are getting big! For the first time I have dahlias coming up among explosion of nasturtiums. It's been really fun to come home and see the difference from just the day before - things grow fast!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


in the making, or already sealed?

I overheard this at the theater yesterday as we were passing time awaiting our movie. (We arrived early to get out of the 90 degree heat and we were sitting at the metallic tables across from the concession stands.)

Scene: Two elderly people off to one side of small round table top. The woman farthest away from the table, her husband next to her. His arm resting on the table top, sitting in a chair behind his walker. Great grand son off to his left, sitting in a chair a good two feet away from the table. Looking at his great grandfather with a most incredulous expression. At first I thought he might be looking or commenting on the large band-aid that covered the mans forehead, but no.

Grandmother, in her 50's standing next to her young grandson in the chair, off to his left. The four of them made a lopsided semi circle.

Four year old boy, "That's gross, you shouldn't touch it," to great grandpa.
"What?" great grandpa asks.

"It's has germs all over it. It's filthy." he says, clearer, but with a small child's voice and baby like inflection.

"What?" great grandpa asks again.

"Germs are all over that table. You shouldn't touch it." he replies.
The old man looks down at the table. Scoffs, slowly shrugs, bends his arm bringing his hand, forearm, and elbow off the table and looks down again. He looks back at his great grandson with a curious expression. He sits his arm back down to stabilize himself and gently shrugs his shoulders, silently replying to this boy that it is really no big deal to have his arm on the table.

This blond, curly headed small boy starts to talk about germs again but time with a more urgent tone. The great grandfather begins to speak but is interrupted by the standing grandmother.

"Just stop talking," she tells the young boy.
"Be quiet," she says as they stood up to walk out of the lobby.
Like I said, only four years old and already someone has contaminated his poor little thoughts. So young to already be worried about something so small.
I'm glad my grandmother's motto was, " A little dirt never hurt."

Thursday, July 23, 2009

When I Grow Up

I want my blog to look like this amazing blog. I can tell I need to spend time here playing with all the different options and figuring out how to add them into my blog. It seems like it takes me a long time to figure out computer stuff - but once you look at Cup A Jo's amazing blog and all her links, well you'll see why I want to be able to enhance my site! Please visit and tell me what you think!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Coffee, Chocolate, and the River's Allure (Day Trip Continued)

And so the day trip adventure continues...

We drove for another 15 minutes or so east on the 2 and just like we were told once we went up a distinct hill and back down the Big Eddy area would be on our right. We pulled into the gravel parking lot and found a path that lead down towards the river. We walked across another gravel parking area and went right down to the river. There was a nice picnic area that a family was enjoying. People were playing in the water, laying in the sad lapping up the sunshine, and tubing in the river.

While the water was icy cold it still felt good. Once we had been walking in it, it didn't feel all that chilly. It was clear and fast moving. The mountains that surround the river are blanketed with beautiful trees and the sound of the wind blowing through them is probably one my favorite sounds in the world.

I only wish we had brought some towels and wore our swim suits. The water was that inviting!

There is something so soothing about moving water and sunshine. Even though we were not far from home it felt like we were on a vacation far away.

I skipped some rocks. April buried her feet in the soft, wet, sand. We watched some mutts wade in the water. One was chasing a ball and seemed to get more frisky as she became soaking wet. People were mellow and that was awesome.
There was a large group of people who linked their rafts together and floated off down the river. That brought memories back of all the hours I spent tubing down the Colorado River as a kid and teenager. Tubing was one of the things that was the most fun thing about my families river trips. We'd sing, we'd flirt, we'd laugh, and just be goofy. It was so much fun.

Our next trip back we want to bring tubes and rope and float the day away!

More Words I Love...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Day Trippin'

One of my favorite things about living in this part of the country is the close proximity of all things outdoorsy. Just a thirty to sixty minute drive or ferry ride and you can feel far, far away from home. I love it.

On my days off this summer April and I decided we would check out more of the local spots. Last Wednesday we decided to check out a place along U.S. Highway 2 which is just a bit south of us and very east! (Which by the way is known as the state sponsored highway of DEATH according to my friend Cami. She lived in Index and had to drive this daily into work!) I looked on line and realized that the Wallace River ran adjacent to the 2, which meant not only could we check out this local coffee/handmade chocolate spot I had read about months ago, but get our feet into some clear cold water as well. Ya-hoo!

Celestial Coffeehouse & Kreations had a write up in the local paper way back in February of this year. The story described the handmade chocolates they created. I must admit, they sounded delicious and I always love a good latte. It took us about thirty five minutes to arrive in the small town of Start Up. I managed to drive by the spot right as we both saw the sign off to the south side of the 2. I whipped a quick U-Turn and pulled into the gravel parking lot. We parked and walked right on into the shop. They also have a drive thru for those of you too busy to get out and want to avoid geeking out all over the chocolate display.

Okay, so I am bit of clean/neat/no clutter freak when I am shopping, eating, dining. So, I am going to say this and just realize in their defense, it is just not my style - there was stuff everywhere. This leads me to feel a bit visually overwhelmed and cuckoo. Between the seating, display shelves, things hanging from the ceiling I felt a bit overwhelmed but they were so kind and friendly I managed to just kept it at the back of my mind.

The gal at the counter was open and welcoming. I told her I had read about their shop in the newspaper and we were finally getting around to visiting. She apologized for the chocolate case not being fuller but their chocolatier had fallen and broken her wrist the previous week. She was just now having a chance to sit down and start filling up the case. * You can see by the photo, the case still had plenty of yummies to choose from! I had a wonderful iced latte and Dreamsicle Truffle. April chose a dark chocolate, peach, and cayenne pepper truffle. Mine was like having an Orange and Vanilla Creamsicle from yester year. April's had was sweet and warm with a nice kick at the end. They were both scrumptious. We were not disappointed.

Unfortunately, I can't remember this woman's name but she was one of the owners. She asked if we liked caramel. Silly woman! It's probably one of my favortie tastes in the world! She told me that Kathryne (who is the other owner and makes all the hand made chocolates) makes the best carmel in the world. They even use it in their carmel drinks because it tastes so good and mixes so easily. Their claim is that the carmel is so soft even if you have dentures or braces you can eat it! Ha! Thankfully, that is not the case here, but she gave us two to try on her. She had them in milk chocolate and dark chocolate. The chocolate was amazing and the carmel melted in your mouth. Oh so yummy.

*Before we sat down, I could see Kathryne sitting in the kitchen (it's all open) making the chocolates with her cast on her left arm. I smiled at her and inquired as to how she managed to break her wrist. Sitting in his high chair two feet to her left was Jackson, her 18 month old adorable grandson. Somehow, at home she managed to trip over him which lead to a flying trip down the stairs and her broken wrist. Ugh, I hate when the stories for broken bones are so simple! I related my broken left foot story from simply leaving my house and landing on my foot wrong years ago. Embarrassing.

We sat down at a table to enjoy our treats. Within a few minutes, little blue eyed Jackson came walking over and began playing with his motorcycles and hot wheels, where he promplty handed one of the the choppers to April. He was very friendly and cute. He was trying to play "cars" with us but would get momentarily moments of shyness and go back to the couch where all his cars were located. He was very fasinated with April's ankle tattoo and the paw prints on the back of her calves. It was funny to watch him try to secretly take a good look at her legs while he went back and forth from the couch to table and chairs we occupied. We enjoyed a good laugh with him as he began naming the colors of the t-shirt and shorts he was wearing. The t-shirt was yellow and the shorts red but to him everything was yellow! Same for the scarves and such he pointed out to us. He was sweet and friendly. When it came time to leave he waved and told us, "Bye-bye."

We walked about 30 feet over to a cherry stand and bought some amazing cherries to take home. Mount Rainer and Red cherries that were absolutely perfect! So much healtheir for you than chips!! We ended up going back in to grab a business card and ask if they knew a spot where we could get our feet wet in the river.

At this point Kathryn came out and asked April where she purchased her "Adorkable" t-shirt she was wearing. She said her partner had told her she needed that shirt for herself. At this point I realized we were supporting a "family" owned business. Always makes me feel good to support the girls and boys of the rainbow club.

With their directions in mind I got back on the U.S. 2 and headed farther east in search of Big Eddie. To be continued...

**Celestial Coffeehouse and Kreations is located at 36904 SR2, Startup, Wa 98293
Owner; Kathryne Paz 360-799-0569

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

Summer time. It's the only time I actually crave ice cream and buy it for the house. April thinks I'm a high falootin' ice cream eater. You can thank my Great Aunt Viola for that, she loved Baskin Robbins ice cream. She thankfully passed the love of great ice cream onto my mom and her sisters. I can still remember mom and Aunt Connie taking us girls (myself, Donna, and Karen) to the beach and always stopping at Baskin Robbins for a cone on the way home.

I will also admit to inheriting my mom's love for Jamoca Almond Fudge. It's usually and most often my favorite. During the last few years I will admit to my taste buds changing a tad. I've grown to love a new flavor called Love Potion - vanilla and raspberry ice cream with dark chocolate hearts in it. Today I tried a new one that was just delicious, delicious I say! If you like or love coconut...you will love this one. It's called Nutty Coconut. Coconut ice cream with roasted almonds, butter pecans and walnut pieces. It was pure happiness on my tongue. Oh, the joys of summer! Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eating Disorder

Our bird has an issue. No, we don't feed him Fruity Pebbles, even though that is what the bird food resembles.

Last month, he would not eat any of the yellow banana shaped pellets. This month, he is boycotting all green round ball shaped ones.

What gives? Spoiled, bored, picky... I don't know but it sure is peculiar.

See the lovely green cast in his food cup? Anyone in the market for a bird?

Monday, July 13, 2009

BIG HAIR, Just an Observation

Is it me, or have you noticed all the big hair these days? I don't know if it has to do with making yourself look smaller (as in recent weight loss stories) or being a celebrity. Last time I checked it certainly was not 1980 anything...so it leaves me to wonder, what's up.

I find if participated in a fad the first time it came round, I'm really not apt to do it again. I loved leggings when they first came out, but now I feel a bit too old and thick for them. I'll leave them for the young and skinnys. Same with big, fat, hair sprayed, feathered hair. I just feel like a high school throwback if even remotely attempt to wear my hair layered and blown back off my face - even it it is flattering.

June Gloom, in July

Unlike most summers here the Pacific Northwest, this year we had an awesome kick off to summer. June was sunny, even hot some days and no rain for 31 days. Now most of you would think I would be overjoyed about this, but truly I love the cooler weather we have here so I could take or leave the sunfest we've been having. And yet, we've had clouds and thunder and lighting for several days in a row and I must admit - it's strange. I keep forgetting it's summer, let alone July. Not to mention, the thunder and lighting are such an anomaly in this part of the country. You just don't see it here that often.

This weather makes it easy to sleep in and more difficult to get motivated. The restaurant is slower, and we have added help for the summer rush (so far, rush only applies to an hour or two of the day at most). So, I haven't had much to post about. Which to me, seems to go along with the blah weather.

Just working, hanging out, laughing at our crazy cats, going to the local baseball games, hit a Storm game thanks to Natalie, hanging out with friends, and relaxing. Tonight I'm going to try and get the creative juices flowing with paint, fabric, and paper.

Maybe tomorrow, the sun will return.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Nothing Like A Home Town Parade

So, it's the 4th of July...

We are heading to the Everett Town Parade around 10:00am...then off to Aquasox's Baseball tonight for a game and fireworks. Just some down home traditional Americana at its finest.

My wish for the 4th is this, don't only recognize the Independence of our county but your own. We live in a land where free will and desire are able to dictate all we do and say. That is a more valuable gift to me than any other I posses.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Answers! Sort of...

Okay, this didn't transfer that well into this post but it's from Facebook...and really I just thought it would be fun since no one did that well! Which I think was mainly due to the fact, that truly there was more than one right answer!

Silly, but what is my favorite color?
Red - For accessories...handbags, shoes, etc...
Pistachio Green
Periwinkle Blue - When I was a teenager!
Black - For sleek, sexy, clothes!
Any shade of Pink - For whatever reason, my favorite color of all time!
What is my favorite pizza topping?
Eggplant - Hands down, the one EVERYONE missed! My favorite pizza.
Roasted garlic
I like to read - Everything!!!!
all of them
I met my love
at a bar
on vacation
at Starbucks - Where we set up and met in person for the very first time...75th and 99!
on line - We are a cliche of the millennium!
I miss California
daily - Friends and family (oh, and fish tacos and good Mexican food!)
never!!! - Sorry, but it's true!
The most important feature of the next car I buy
four doors
sits up high, like a truck
kickass sound system
four wheel drive - Think serious snow and rain....
I have a natural gift for ....
buying the perfect gift - Usually.
finding my way - True, except in North Vista...ha!
remembering names - True!
One of the virtues of character I value the most
honesty - Of course.
kindness - I think I see so little of this, it's why it's come to the forefront for me in terms of virtues....
trustworthiness - Of course!
What is my favorite store to shop at?
Nordy - During my 20's, yes.
T.J. Maxx - Yes...when I shop
Home Goods - Miss this store in Ca
Target - Gotta love Target! Or as we called it at the S17, "La Boutique."
One thing I really want to do
learn how to snow board
paint everyday
lose weight
get published - Yes!
This makes me gag and almost vomit....
other people vomiting
people who smell
snorking when you laugh
people who suck their snot down in public - ZERO tolerance for this one. ZERO!
I lost my virginity
on a date at the beach
after The Long Beach Grand Prix - True...
on April Fool's Day - And it was on this day...
too long ago to remember - Don't think it is something we ever forget!