Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Smell Lingers

Okay, we dove inside tonight in class tonight. First a heart from a calf, not so bad except for all the fatty, icky, floppy stuff on the outside of it. The inside was way cool to view. The photo is of the cat kidney, ours looked exactly like this one.
But, the cat. Poor Stretch the cat, he stinks. Not as bad as some of the others in class, but not good either. We cut him open just above the diaphragm, up to the armpits, if you will. Then we headed about two inches past the original incision and cut him open down to the groin.
To back up a bit, we did watch our professor cut her cat open and demonstrate. Smell aside, there is something about all the gooey bits that just make me loose it. I kept on gagging and almost tossed my cookies several time when she lifted up the cover over the intestines. Gross looking does not even describe it. Once that ugly grossness was lifted up and flipped over, the rest was amazing. I wonder why the jiggly stuff gets to me.
We (Tracey and I) were pretty lucky that our cat was not moldy like some others in class. Nor was it almost gag me icky, dark, almost forest green inside like our neighbors. I now know more about my cats and the innards that I ever needed to know or wanted to know.
While it is fascinating, I dream of a lab that is totally freezing with air conditioning and good ventilation. Cats that are kept in refrigeration would be wonderful as well.
I can't wait until March 18th, no more kitty dissection!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 29

I think my hamstrings and gluts are screaming "lunge and squat" every time I take a step...can you hear them?? They sound especially loud going up the stairs or trying to sit! Wii Active day two, kicked my butt - quite literally.

Okay, the good news I actually fell asleep before 3:00 am. In fact I think it was somewhere near 10:30pm, which is why I will be getting up early tomorrow to do it again. Friday is a long day, but if I can keep sleeping and feeling better it is WORTH the pain!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

30 Days

Actually 31...but who's counting, I AM! AND IT'S NOT FOR WHAT YOU IMAGINE!

My Anatomy class ends on the 18th of March. In exactly 31 days, and since I am having BIG trouble sleeping and feeling quite frustrated I figured I would do what any good blooded American woman would do...add something else to the mix to try to get through it!

No seriously, here's how I see it. The last two nights I have not fallen asleep before 3:30am, and it is not for lack of being tired. I am. Exhausted, in fact but I just can't seem to fall asleep. I've tried all the things that have worked in the past but to no avail.

I'm sure part of my wakened state has to do with the overall frustration I feel with school and life. Too much to study, not the results I'd like given the amount of time put into studying (not to mention the smirk on my professors face when mentioning this fact), and oh, of course there is life. Like needing to go to the grocery store, or clean, or pay bills, or blog, or cook, or call your mom, you know all those good things.

So, this morning I figured what the heck. Exercise always helps my attitude and we do have this new Wii Active. As I sit here, I just finished my first work out with it doing many lunges and squats not to mention many other things. My butt and legs (gluteal and quads and hamstrings) are now pinging. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it will also help me sleep.

Not to mention tossing in 15 minutes of yoga from the Wii Fitt Plus on the end, it's always the time Jack Jack and Pidge chose to bond with me. Bird on my head or abs or legs, Jack rolling around somewhere crying to be loved. We put on a damn fine show, right here in the living room!

Monday, February 15, 2010

St. Valentines Day 2010

A little chocolate, some nice sentiments, a night out of dancing, drinking, and playing a lil' pool... ain't love grand?!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

How It Goes Right Now

So, there was something great on my mind - last night - I really thought, "Oh, I'll have to blog about this and see what other people think, etc..."

Sadly, today the recollection of that is no where to be found in my brain. But, hey I can tell you that the Pineal Gland is responsible for producing melatonin (helps us sleep) and it is attached to the Epithalamus. And so much more information about a smelly dead cat than you'll ever want to know...just saying.

I know, just what you always wanted to know, right? Oh, and before you suggest I try taking melatonin to sleep, I did take it for four years. It was extremely helpful for the first 3 and sadly, started giving me the shakes and hee-bee gee-bees (official diagnosis).

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dreaming of

going back to Hawaii...just the way the air feels...so far, haven't found anywhere in the PNW that looks or feels quite like this! Hope this explains the above photo! Vacation...

Mrs. Grumpy

has left the building. Thank goodness I have my old attitude back. I just feel better.
Is it the exercise?
The wee bit of sleep?
Less sugar, more coffee???
Feeling more competent in Anatomy class?
The long talk I had with my sis-in-law yesterday?
The bird, who's been singing in the bathroom for the last hour?
Jackpot playing in the spilled Panko that is all over the floor? I swear this cat is a anything fine, all over the floor artist!
The sunshine?

I don't know, I just know I feel better. I like much old self much more than my grumpy self!