Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We Who Wait

I haven't always been a waitress. I've done many things to earn my keep, most of them quite rewarding. But, I have to say sometimes dealing with the public is sooooooo very disheartening.

In addition to my micobrew's logo, I want my shirt to say the following; self employed 14 years as a successful massage therapist, going rate $100 per session. I am educated, yes I have attended college. I am also currently enrolled in courses that would probably make your head roll. I have maintained an A average and made the dean's list. Oh, and I have a degree. I just decided that working in education with politics, parents, and bad pay was not for me. I have been married and divorced and am currently madly in love with my girlfriend. Oh, and yes that means I am gay. I am not interested in you, but thanks.

It is not my long term life goal to serve you, but I try to have fun while being here. I will greet you, look you in the eye, and try to make sure you are happy with your service and meal. Even when you don't give me eye contact, talk on the phone while I wait to take your order or come over in earnest when I see your hand wave, only to stand and wait for you to acknowledge my presence.

So, here's the thing. Someday, I will not work here. With any luck, I will be Nurse Jamie, RN. You may find me at your bedside during a very turbulent time in your life. You may find me handing instruments to your surgeon as he cuts you open to repair your insides. With any luck, no matter how you treated me as a waitress I will continue to treat you just as I did when you were my customer. With a warm greeting, a kind heart, and all the humanity I can muster.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Waiting Away...

Still no lap top. Ugh. Infection, virus, bug whatever I want my puter back!!! School starts soon, an along with it goes my free time. Keep your fingers crossed, my baby comes home soon.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


My laptop is infected and it's with the computer healer, getting all better. Forgive my absence. Be back next week, as soon as it's back in my lap!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Will Facebook Replace E-Mail???

What do you think? Other than the daily updates I accept from specific sites, it seems no one is e mailing much.
They just say hello, leave a message, or update you on Facebook. In one way it's nice, you can go and quickly catch up with many people and what's going on at once. On the other hand I miss my emails from friends who actually write to catch up. Unlike many, I still will even take the time to write a long letter or e mail when I have the time.
It's strange on the one hand it's impersonal, but on another very personal. So many of my friends are far away and I would never know what they are up to on a daily basis. The old haunts of mine they are discovering. The sun shining away as it seems to do constantly in California. Who is for what nutty cause, their latest photos (which I love to see), and just their lives in general. Laughs, fears, frustrations, travels, and not to mention talking to some old friends who bring back some of the best memories.
I like my e mail in box. It definitely replaced getting mail the snail mail way. But I don't know if I'm ready to pare down to the brevity of just doing Facebook.