Friday, June 3, 2011

Rest (Not In Peace!)

Yesterday I thought I was getting the flu. My body ached. My head throbbed. All my body wanted to do is sleep.

Who could blame it? I've been pushing myself for the past ten weeks like crazy. Grand opening at Scuttlebutt, Mircobiology, and now another new restaurant with another new grand re-opening. Not to mention a entire wine list, drink list, and menu that is insane!

But truly, I felt like if I did not slow down I might be slowed for good. So I let myself sleep in this morning until 9:00 am. I am not looking at one word of Micro unless I can't sleep when I get home tonight. I've cruised my favorite blogs. I've got HGTV on in the background. I refuse to make myself focus. Okay, so I will keep reviewing the drink list and menu, but that is not like learning something brain defying.

I just realized if I keep pushing, there will be nothing left to push. So I sit here in my PJ's still, hair straight up in the air. Yes, it is sunny outside but I just need to veg. Maybe I will go sit on the back patio in a bit. I don't know. I just need a day without an agenda. Work at 4:30pm will be here soon enough.

Then 5 days of pure madness studying for my final and writing the extended lab paper that is due. I know it will go by faster than I can imagine!