Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trying Out New Recipes ~ And Making A Few Up as I Go Along

One of the things I love about NOT being in school is that I have free time. Free time equals more time to be creative. Taking photos, changing the color of some furniture, writing, painting (okay, so I have some ideas but nothing on canvas), and cooking!

This week I came up with a cold chicken thai noodle salad. Loved it! Teriyaki chicken, cucumber, fresh bean sprouts, carrots, cilantro, very finely chopped celery, and green onions. The peanut sauce recipe was oh so easy (I had to improvise a bit since I didn't pick up the coconut milk at TJ's when I saw it!). I cooked up the spaghetti noodles, tossed it with the veggies, chicken, and peanut sauce, and dinner was served. So easy to put together as well, and tasted even better on the second day after everything was chilled through completely.

A few weeks back I made a dinner salad based on the idea of Caprese Salad.You know the one, fresh basil, tomato slices, and fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese.

I happen to like it with a bit of balsamic, EVO, and kosher salt. So, I mixed some romaine lettuce up with fancy mixed greens to begin. I added fresh tomato, chopped up basil, TJ's marinated mozzarella balls, and amazing croƻtons from the farmers marker (what a deal, a buck fifty for a bag of multi grain bites of deliciousness). I topped it off with a mix EVO, balsamic vinegar, pressed garlic, black pepper, and Italian spices. It was so delectable.

I would love to tell you I have made an amazing salad like every night, but no. Thinking that will be something I have to start doing with some of the things I have in mind, but sure have had fun experimenting with dinner!

Tonight, first try at real Buttercream Frosting for cupcakes I'm making to take to work. Onto the powdered sugar awaiting me in the one woman kitchen!

p.s. I would be happy to pass on any recipes! I will try to link them here, as well.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Friends Who Write

Since I seem to be all talked out/written out these days I thought you might enjoy reading some great stories by my friend Keith. Keith is a writer for the O.C. Register and can tell a good yarn. He has been in Lithuania with his son and his boys baseball team. Makes for great reading, if

A Bit Of England, Thanks to Marianne

I just had to post these photos that Marianne took while she was in England. I think they are wonderful. I think "The Gate," is my favorite. Enjoy!

Heat Wave Rolled Right Over Me

So, it was hot yesterday. I mean really hot especially for the PNW. I think it almost hit the 100's. It was so warm April and I came home early and just moved as little as possible all afternoon. Really.

It was so hot, that when I decided to go to bed I forgot there was chicken cooking in the oven. (Thank goodness April reminded me.) The bird did not get covered up, luckily he was just fine this morning. While I remembered to take out my contact lenses, I completely forgot to put any lids on the case. And I thought the heat had not really effected me yesterday. Obviously I was wrong!

The heat is still here, and it should make for a very interesting day at good ol' non-air conditioned restaurant.

Egads, I'm thinking I should just call in and go float somewhere for the day!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Random with a Film Rating

Now, while unlike the crowd I haven't read the book (been reading others!) I did watch the film last night. Nothing on cable, didn't feel like reading, and wanted to be entertained. I was.

I love suspense and thriller films. Not to the point of horror flicks, but edgy not silly. This fit my tastes perfectly. Cunning, smart, several very intriguing plot lines going on simultaneously. Set in the beauty of Sweden. Subtitles or no, this is an excellent ride.

The main characters involve a journalist, a "researcher" (I say this ever so loosely because truly she is a master hacker obtaining information that many of us would love to be able to access), and a very wealthy family. The family at their core is outnumbered by sick and twisted members who came of age during a time when being a Nazi was acceptable. The one family member who still has a heart is searching for his missing niece some forty years after her disappearance. The search for her plays out among the drama of Lisbeth's life and it's unexpected collision with Mikael's.

There is a hearty dose of violence, black-mail (with a sick retribution I so enjoyed), an odd love story, a history lesson, and an excellent ending.

It is rather long, so make yourself a big popcorn with a hearty glass of water ever it is you enjoy and watch this film. You won't be disappointed!

p.s. April has read the series of the books and was thrilled with the film actually followed the story line extremely close!

Monday, August 9, 2010


I just haven't had it in me to sit down and organize my thoughts. At least not enough to a point where they can be followed or make sense.

So, unlike everything else, I am choosing to check in only on occasion and give voice to my words.

I guess lately, it seems like there are demands everywhere you go. Go to the Co-Op to shop for better/greener ways to live and you are hounded by the "Save the National Forest," girls. It went something like this...

"Blah, blah, blah, are you with me on saving the forest and rain forest?" she said.

Oh, for the love of Pete, like I could possibly say NO or better yet, yeah I'm for slashing and burning the entire forest and building crappy track homes all the way to the top of Mt. Rainer. Really? Is there a good answer to that not so innocent question?

"Oh, yeah and all we need is a monthly donation that comes right out of your checking account or credit card," she smiled sweetly and said.

I don't know. It just seems like everywhere I go, someone wants something from me. And. I. Am. All. Tapped. Out.