Wednesday, October 27, 2010


in the neighborhood today and wanted to shoot some pictures of the local Halloween decorations. I took 2 pics and the batteries in my camera were ka-put! Luckily, I had already decided to walk to the local Bartels for a few essentials so I picked up some batteries as well.

Hopefully the sun will be shinning bright tomorrow morning and I will be able to get out and snap some festive shots! Love this time of year...

This shot is from Tad's lovely home in Connecticut, it is known as Pumpkin Hallow. Perfect for this time of year!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Punkin' Lovin'

My friend Tad has taken to posting a "pumkin a day" on Facebook this last week or so. I think it is a great idea. He is also the one who posted the American flag every day for a month before the 4th of July. I'm going to set out in my own neighborhood this week to scout for great pumpkin pics but I just love these shots of white pumpkins. It's a good place to start!

These lil' ones remind me of entire bulb of garlic!

I had to post this one since it looks like the centipedes are spelling out my initials.

Shabby Chic Porch

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Last One Got Me Thinking

Writing about the LMP aka the Last Menstrual Period, got me thinking about my first one.
It is one of the funniest stories of my teenage life, except I wasn't even quite a teenager yet. I was in sixth grade. I was eleven. Eleven for god sakes! I was the ONLY sixth grader to have to bring a purse to school. Oh yay me! Not!

I started my first period in the summer. We were on a family vacation at the river. For those of you who don't know, the river is now a common destination for jet skiers, wake boarders, and people who want to get way out of control and party. But during the era of our visits to the river we mainly water skied and tubed. It was not crowded. It was hot. Hot, as in 100 to 115 degrees easily in the summer. In other words, unless you were in the water or had air conditioning to escape to, it was my idea of miserable. This was before my parents had a mobile home. They had a very small travel trailer and we had no air conditioning. It was unbearably hot and my bunk was on the very top front of the trailer. At our campsite in the Wheeler Inn, there wasn't a tree or sign of shade any where near our small metal box. So imagine this as my refuge.

As I said, these trips were mainly spent water skiing. We also floated around in inner tubes, took running starts and jumped off the dock, and for a longer float jumped off the point and into the river. The current would carry us away towards Big River. My guess at least 80 percent of the day time was spent under or in the water!

I was the proud owner of two very white water skis. I still skied doubles at the point. I was out on a run with my dad at helm of the ski boat. I had gone on the usual tour of up towards Blue Water Lagoon, onto the small damn, and back around. To bring me in Dad headed for the spot on the inlet that we had set up for the day. On shore sat the gang watching my landing. While I was skiing, for reasons I'll never know, I looked down at my skis and they were covered with very dark polka dots all over them. I had no idea what it could have been. They just kept coming. Strange, very strange. As I headed closer into shore, I became more concerned. I had been skiing since I was 6 years old, so I had no fear of coming in very close to the shoreline. As I flew in, I basically ended up stepping right out of my skis and came running up onto the sand. While that was cool, I remember calling for my mom to come over to me. I landed gracefully enough to show her my skis. She looked puzzled at first, but it quickly must have dawned on her. I remember her putting her arm on my shoulder and leaning in to talk to me.

The thoughts inside my head sounded something like this; Urgh!!!! What!!??? It can't be!!!! It's total bathing suit only weather. Pads just don't survive water!!!! It's only Tuesday!!! What will I do for the rest of the week???

Suffice to say, I did survive but it was one long and miserable week. I was stuck in a bathing suit top and shorts. At least I could still ride in the boat. I spent more time in that hot little travel trailer than I care to remember. I had cramps. Man oh man, did I have cramps! So, I began my very first period while water skiing. Now it makes me laugh. And I think the story kinda goes along with the rest of my quirky life.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


This post is not for the stuffy at heart, or the squeamish, or the ones who don't discuss bodily functions. You have been forewarned.

Imagine this, a woman looks forward (in the strangest way?) to this day, so much so, it has its' very own abbreviation in my Med Terminology course. I for one can say, yes at this point I am ready for it. Or really the end of it! This awaited event has come to be known as; LMP. Otherwise known in medical circles as (please hear the drum roll in your head) The Last Menstrual Period. Period. Amen. You. Are. Done. With. It. Forever. Ah, the joy of that idea. The thrill of it. The absolute downright frickin' oddness of it. Will I finally begin to feel my age because of it????

About 10 years ago, when this crazy journey of periomenopause began I did not have a period for 9 months. And, no not because I was pregnant and had that baby carted off secretly to Botswana. It's a long story, one I will continue on some other post but it lead me to a little insight what the future would someday be like. Easier. Calmer. No more once a month day where I swear the flood of the century occurred within my womb. Or I should say came out of it. If men bled like this there would be a paid day off once a month, no questions asked. Ever. At. All. Understood. It was and still until recently is a pain in my proverbial ass. It is an issue at work, who can run into the can every hour to "change" out her tampon when you are working a 4 to 6 hour busy shift. Usually not me. Who can stand to where a damn pad, just in case? I'm sorry, but not me. They still feel something akin to a diaper that is just in the way when walking. Don't get me wrong, on a really bad day (while working) I've had to, but I detest it.

Oh, and how about trying to sleep when your nether regions have turned into a non-stop faucet of red? Right, sure, uh-huh. Liar, I know you can't sleep well then either. I roll from side to side, trying to never lie on my front or back for fear of leaking all over the bed. Yes, even through the mattress pad. Never mind the sheets, blanket, and duet cover. Gross. I've tried sleeping on top of a towel. Yeah, that really works. For who? Not me, one move and it ends up all tucked up under me and around me. It's anywhere but where it should be. Annoying. I'm bleeding like a mad women as if I'm not annoyed enough I am tangled up in my own bed in one of my least favorite towels. Great.

How about those favorite panties? You know the ones you liked so much you bought four or five of because they were just perfect. Ha, one forgetful morning when you no longer are keeping track of every 28 days and wah-la no more perfect panties. Euwieeeeee. Now they are just yuckie and stained. Again.

Okay, and this is just the plain ugly truth. Some days I bleed so heavy if I am not careful it will run down my leg and all over everything just moving from the loo to the shower or vice versa. Told you it was ugly. Men wonder why we get grumpy. P-L-E-A-S-E. Never mind the fact that I may not have my contacts in and see this and leave it unknowingly. There is that to deal with on top of it all.

There be little mention of the embarrassing leaks, the painful cramps, the seven days of pure hell until I finally found a miracle called "the pill," the torture of putting in and wearing my first tampon, and lastly the fear of having an unwanted pregnancy when I was younger. Most of these lovely side dishes are well known by all of us who are women.

All of this said, no wonder it has earned its' own abbreviation. LMP indeed, bring it on, bring it on. Oh, and hurry up about it, would ya please.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Want Wonder Woman's Gold Bra and Bracelets, Please

My teflon is wearing thin. I joke with April to respray me before any "big" thing or possible uncomfortable situation but lately it has not helped.

My emotional and mental ability to protect myself has diminished away to a very thin layer. A very, very, very thin layer.

About three weeks ago, each day at work became what I dub, "hell," day. Kinda like hell week all high school football players went through each summer, only this lasted for almost two weeks solid. It's dribbled into almost each shift I've worked since then. It sucks. The screaming mimi I am employed by thought it was a good thing he actually managed not to scream at me on the last crazy Friday.

I've tried every angle in order to bring some semblance of harmony into my work life. Those of you who read this know I can get along with just about everyone, it has been rumored I should have gone to work for the UN. I am usually that good at negotiating peace. But not in this situation...NOT. AT. ALL.

Why am I penning this off this morning? Because I am due at work in a half hour. I don't want to go there today, tomorrow, or ever again. Until this week I could still manage to show up with a smile of my face and look forward to the day. For some reason, I just can't sum it up anymore. I feel defeated. It has become personal.

My glass is half full attitude is drained. I have been looking for job possibilities but so far I see a big fat nada on the horizon.

So this morning, I pray for embodiment of Lynda Carter. I just need my damn teflon back, now!!!!