Thursday, July 14, 2011

Biased or Bi-esed?

Who knows. So if you read my blog you either know me (thanks to my friends and family for hanging in there) or have read far enough back to know that I was previously married and before I met April. Yes, I am what some have call a, "switcher", "flipper", or whatever witty word you want to apply to stereotype me with for changing lifestyles. But here's the rub, I still know a handsome man when I see one. I still find men attractive. There is no explanation for this, it just is.

I don't worry about this too much by trying to put a title to it or name on it or make it mean anything. I love who I love, today. I am happier than I've ever been, more understood, more fulfilled, I have more of everything in my heart and life than I've ever had before but...people ask funny questions of me. Scrunch their eyebrows up when I notice beautiful men or darling young boys. It cracks me up, who cares a thing of beauty is still a thing of beauty.

Last night the restaurant had more than several of them. The two I had the pleasure of meeting were just perfect. The first one I got acquainted with was celebrating his 50th birthday. He looked amazing for 50, as well as his spouse. I made sure to go up and wish him a happy one. We laughed about the oddity of age and how it just didn't feel even possible to arrive at that number. Since I am quickly slididng into that year next, I find comfort in others who are just as boggled as I am by the fact I, "me," could possibly be that frickin' age! He, for certain, was in my club. I don't care who you are, but having someone wish you a happy birthday and telling you are extremely handsome and how happy you look feels good. We might not sing happy birthday but trust me when I say he left feeling like someone sang to him. And why not? Kind words genuinely felt and stated aloud are a wonderful thing to share, especially with those of us who are getting older!

Okay, and this pic of a young Paul Newman, come on'. Who does not see the beauty in the man? And I don't usually look twice at blonds, but as an old friend would say, "bubba, bubba!"

Moved In but Not Settled Yet!

That's why you haven't seen me. I feel like I've got a case of terminal tiredness.

This is the shower curtain I found for the bath. Love it! It makes me happy to look at just like the yellow funky liner I put in the drawers in that same room. I'm such a geek for anything that makes me smile and proud of it!