Monday, August 29, 2011

Sleepless in Seattle

I should say sleepless in Seattle and California. I think I've had about 13 hours of sleep since last Friday night. Somehow, I still managed to function. To look decent. To be kind. To get myself in the car, in a taxi, on a plane, landed, picked up, to the memorial service, to my cousins house for family gathering, back to my Aunt's house, more talking, shower, try to fall asleep (ha! trying is the major word here), back up at 8am (egads, my body is in shock from the early morning) for breakfast with the family, back to Auntie's house, experiencing the strangest family time together I ever have, to a piano ~ violin recital thanks to Ms. Judy in Seal Beach, back to Torrance, to Fish Bonz for dinner, for a walk around the park with Patty and Auntie, back to her house, more yakking until midnight and up at 4:20am to catch a 7am flight home, wake up, get dressed, don't fall over from tiredness, take previously packed bag out to entry door, meet mom for ride to airport, board, fly home, get taxi, get car, drive home, arrive, greet bird and kitties, strip down fall into bed for a good 2 hour nap, wake up to alarm, get ready, apologize to glaring kitty for leaving again so soon, go to work, deal with crazy shit at work, get back in car, arrive home, rinse off huge decorations left all over new paint job by overgrown bird that sat above my car (seagull bird shit, in other words), water potted plants, lie on floor to love on forgiving kitties, catch up on computer fav's, and now here I am. It's almost midnight. Somehow I think my sleepless phase will have ended. Amen.

p.s. This post made me realize why I feel a bit exhausted! How do people who travel for work everyday do it???

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